Once you’ve logged in, you can now begin to upload products to share with other rep groups.

(NOTE: Users with the "Basic Free Version" of RepTime may only upload a maximum of 1,000 items. Upgrade to a higher subscription tier to enable unlimited product uploads!)

An example template for importing Items is attached.

Also attached is an list of acceptable Item Categories. Items with Categories not found on this list will not be imported.

Begin by clicking on the Items button (1) on the left side of the screen, and click the Import/Export option (2).

To import new products, click the Import Items button in the Import section of the screen:

NOTE: The last import date for items will appear on this page as well!

Here you will choose to browse for your Excel file with product data in it, by clicking the Choose button and searching your computer for the desired product file.

Once selected, you will need to match the columns within the Excel sheet with what RepTime will expect those columns to contain, to ensure the data imports correctly.

Do this by using the drop-down menus by the items with the red X next to them, which notates that they were not automatically matched.

Any columns left un-matched will not be imported.

To match a column, click the drop-down button and match your column with the expected column. You can also search for the field name in the search bar:

Now that all the data has been properly matched, and all columns have check-marks next to them, click the Next button to move to the next step!


The next screen allows you to view your data to ensure it’s correct, and make any last-minute alterations if need.

If the data is correct, click the Next button to progress to the next step!

On the final screen, is where you will determine whether or not to Replace the existing data with what you are currently importing, or just to update what is currently there.

If this is your initial import, it does not matter what you choose, but for future imports, it’s important to know that if you choose to check the Replace checkbox, it will completely replace what’s currently in RepTime with what you’re importing!

When ready, click the Import Items button, and the process will begin.

If there are any errors during the process, you will be notified, and be given the ability to view the error file.

Once the process has successfully completed, you will be taken to your product list, on the View Items tab.