There are two ways you may upload images to RepTime. The most common way to do this is by importing multiple images at once.

Begin by clicking on the Import/Export button on the left side of the screen, and click the Import Images button in the Import section of the screen.

Similar to importing other images or product files into RepTime, this will allow you to browse for your desired images and upload them.

Criteria for the images is found just above the Choose button:

NOTE: Images must be named exactly as the Item Number appears in RepTime for the system to match your images with your products (ex. 10003.jpg with item 10003). 

Select your images, then click Open to move to the next step.

Your selected images will then appear in the popup window, as seen below:

If this looks correct, click the Upload button, and the images will process, and disappear from the list as they are uploaded.

Once complete, the window will close and you’ll receive a success message:

You can view your images by clicking the Grid View button, or choosing to view/edit the individual item:

You also have the ability to upload images individually.

To do this, view an item's details by clicking the Edit button for the corresponding item, then clicking the Upload Image button: