Orders you've received from sales reps using RepTime will appear under the Orders tab.

By default, orders are sorted by the OPEN status first, then by date added. 

Orders that are still OPEN show up as bold, as seen below.

In addition, the total number of orders and the total number of OPEN orders are shown above the Orders table.

When viewing your orders, you have the ability to search through them using a variety of options, similar to the View Items page.

Clicking the Refresh button will reset any search fields you may have used back to their default state.

In addition to searching through your orders, you can also sort them by clicking the header of each column to toggle sorting:

A PDF copy of the order is view-able by clicking on the PDF icon found on the right side of the screen, for each corresponding order. (1) 

If you company is set up to obtain full credit card information from orders transmitted to you by sales reps who use RepTime, the EDI button (2) will allow you to retrieve your desired file type, with that information attached.