On the Orders tab, you have the ability to update the Order Status for each order.

When an order is submitted to you by sales reps who use RepTime, the order will appear as OPEN.

You may update this status at will, when certain milestones are hit.

Updating the status of an order notifies the Salesperson on the order to this change, so they are aware.

In addition, when clicking on an order's associated PDF, DATA, or CC button will automatically mark the order as RECEIVED.

You also have the ability to update multiple order statuses at once.

This is done by checking the corresponding box next to the orders you'd like to update (1), then clicking the Update Status button (2):

In the window that appears, you can choose the status you'd like to update the selected orders to, and whether or not you'd like to also notify the sales rep that is on the order.

To clear your selection, click the Select All button, which will then turn into Clear Selection:


As with the other columns, you can sort by Order Status as well by clicking on the header of the row, to get a better look at what orders may still be OPEN, SHIPPED, PENDING, etc.