To show the Apply Price Codes button in Order Entry, there are two options that must be toggled.


Navigate to Options > Edit Preferences and move to the Order/Invoice Entry tab:




You’ll want to make sure the options shown (1) are marked as they are in this image.

Show Apply Price Codes Button is turned ON

Display Price Code Pop Up is turned OFF


This ensures you won’t get that pesky popup after each item you enter.


Be sure to SAVE (2) once you’ve made your changes!




When you open Order Entry, you should now see the Apply Price Codes button, just below the Send Orders button.




When you click this button, you will see a list of the items you have on your order currently.

By default it selects all the items, but you can choose which items you’d like to change the price code for by checking the appropriate boxes (1) then click Apply Price Code (2).

The next popup you will choose which Price Code you want for the items you selected (3) then click Apply (4) to make this change to your order!