If your price file has multiple price levels for your items, you'll need to import the file with a Price Structure.

While importing the file, the screen shown below is where you'll do this.

Check the box labeled Convert Price Structure, and in the Number of Levels box, enter the number of additional prices for your items you have.

In the example below, item CB22337 (J. Frost)  has a base price of $16, and a minimum of 2.

Once you order 6 of that item, the price drops to $15, so there is one additional price over the base price, so in the Number of Levels box, you'll put 1.


Once you get to the step below, you'll need to match the additional Price Structure levels to the corresponding headers that RepTime will recognize and import.

In the example, since we have 1 additional Price Structure, you'll need to match up PS_Qty1 for the second level's Quantity, and PS_Price1 for the second level's price.

These do not auto-match themselves as the other columns do, so forgetting to do this step will result in the second price/quantity not to be imported.

Simply click on the blank cell, and match it with what RepTime expects!


After this step, importing the price file is business as usual!