Found on the Promotions tab, you have the ability to add Promotions/Special offers for rep groups who use RepTime to use when writing orders.

Clicking the Add Promotion button allows you to fill out the information related to the promotion you're adding.

When adding your new promotion, you can title your promotion, set the dollar amount the order must meet in order to qualify (if applicable), set the Start and End dates of your promotion, add a Description, and add a Discount (if applicable) using either a dollar amount or percentage.

NOTE: At this time, the "Auto Apply" button is a placeholder, and can be disregarded.

If your offer is currently active, it will be shown in the Active column as seen below:

You can Edit or Delete your existing Promotions using the Edit/Delete buttons on the right side of the column.

Finally, you also have the ability to download your Promotions if needed, by clicking either the Export or Export All options.

This will generate a CSV file containing your Promotions.