Occasionally, there will be times you need to make a quick adjustment to an item or two, and may not want or be able to re-import the entire price list to update the items (which may happen in between major catalog updates).

RepTime allows you the ability to edit items you've already imported.

NOTE: Any changes you make will be overwritten when importing a new price sheet.

Starting from the Browse Items screen, click on the Edit button for the item that needs to be edited.

In addition to normal item information you have the ability to edit, you can also add Size,Color,Style options manually, as well as Price Options.

Do this by clicking on the desired tab, and clicking the corresponding Add New Row button.

To add a Size,Color,Style option, click the corresponding tab (1), fill out the necessary information (2), then click the green + button to add the option to the item (3).

Adding Price Codes works similarly, click the corresponding tab (1), Enter in the price of the new Price Code (2), then click the green + button to add it as an option (3).

Once you're finished editing the item, you'll be reminded that you need to save the item for the updates to take effect. Click the Save button at the top of the screen to save your changes.