A PDF copy of the order is view-able by clicking on the PDF icon found on the right side of the screen, for each corresponding order. (1) 

If you are using the Manufacturer Plus or higher subscription, the EDI button (2) and/or the CC button (3) will allow you to retrieve your desired file type, with full credit card information attached.

If you wish to upgrade your subscription, use the Upgrade my Version button on the Dashboard!

NOTE: When clicking the CC button to retrieve full credit card data on an order, you'll be asked for a password. This password can not be changed, and is provided by RepTime at the time of successful account creation. If you do not have this password, please contact RepTime Support.

For orders that don't contain credit card information but you may need to add to the order, the + button found on the far right of each order will allow you to enter in card details for each order as needed.

You also have the ability to download multiple PDF or EDI orders. To do this, check the corresponding box next to the orders you'd like to download (1), and use either the PDFs or EDI (if applicable) button to do so (2):