From the "home" screen, tap on the Order Defaults button.

This menu will allow you to set default parameters for various options for the Finalization process of Order Entry.

On this screen you can adjust various options pertaining to things like Default Order Code, Payment Terms, Order Type, and Default Manufacturer.

Check the box next to the option you'd like to toggle on/off, or tap on an option to change it as necessary.


App settings can be found by tapping the "hamburger menu" (three dots) in the top-right corner of the app while on the "home" screen, and choosing Settings

On this screen you can change options that effect the general Order Entry process.

One of the more important options on this screen is the Enable Show Mode option.

By default, you are in Road Mode, this only allows you to see the customers/manufacturers you're assigned, and is the most common mode to be on when writing your own orders.

Enabling Show Mode allows you to write orders for all customers/manufacturers within your company's database, so there are no additional steps that need to be taken so you can be as efficient as possible!