Tapping on the Recent Orders button from the "home" screen will produce a list of recently-written orders.

Each order will have basic information displayed, such as the Customer Name, PO Number, Order/Ship Dates, and the Order Total.

Next to each order is a color, each of which gives you an indication as to what has been done to the order.

Green - Order has been successfully pushed to the server.

Red - Order has not yet been successfully pushed to the server.

Yellow - Order has previously been pushed to the server, but has since been edited.

You can tap on any order on this screen to open it to the Finalization screen, which will allow you to edit, push, and print the order.

The search bar at the top of the screen allows you to search through your recent orders, which may be needed if the list of recently-written orders begins to get lengthy.
This allows you to search by Manufacturer, Customer, or PO number.

Also at the top is a filter that allows you to view orders that meet certain criteria.

Tapping on the All Orders filter reveals a few additional options to help you navigate through your orders.

For orders older than 45 days, you will need to tap the "hamburger menu" (three dots in the top-right corner) and choose View All to view orders dating back farther than the default 45 days.

Also found in that menu are options to filter by Order Type (Line Item or Total Only), the ability to sort your orders by a few different options, as well as buttons to the Order Defaults and Settings screens.

Long-pressing on any order found on this screen will reveal a few additional options available to you at the top of the screen.

This will also allow you to tap on additional orders to select multiple orders at once.

The orders will be highlighted yellow as a visual indication that the order has been "selected" after a long-press.

At the top of the screen, you have  Select All, Push, and Duplicate Order options.

This can allow you to select all your orders and push them at once, rather than individually opening each order and pushing them.

NOTE: Pushing multiple orders at once does not give you the ability to email/print the orders, to do this, you'll need to push them individually.

In addition to the three options found above, tapping the "hamburger menu" (three dots in the top-right corner) reveals two additional options, Preview Order and Delete.

The Preview Order button will allow you to preview any orders you have selected, giving you the option to save the order copies to your device, or print them.

When tapping the Delete button, you'll be asked to confirm the deletion of the order.

NOTE: Once the order has been deleted, the order can only be recovered by RepTime Support, and will require Support to connect to your device to do so.