Downloading Additional Databases

The RepTime app allows you to manage and write orders for multiple Rep Groups.

Once you've added your first company successfully, navigate back to the PULL menu.

Here you will remove the current IP that is in the field, and replace it with the additional Rep Group's IP address.

Once the IP has been entered, you can start the PULL.

Once it's complete, navigate back to the Login screen.

Switching Databases/Companies

At the Login screen, you can now switch between the companies you've pulled into the app by tapping on the address just above the Pull/LoginĀ buttons.

Select the company you'd like to switch to, and it should now show as the "active" company.

NOTE: The active database will appear not only in the Login screen, but also in the PULL menu.

When pulling/deleting data, ensure you've selected the desired company prior to performing any actions.